Lunchbox: Mumbai’s dabbawallas, India

Lunchbox Movie Dabbawalla India Mumbai

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Lunchbox is supposed to be a romantic comedy, but we think that is much more about love and laughs. It’s a meticolous and bright movie which can be enjoyed with the purpose to know more about a country and one of its more disputable cities. The Lunchbox is about the dabbawalla phenomenon in Mumbai, India.


Filipino food in Padua, Italy: Kusinang Pinoy

Filipino Food Padua Kusinang Pinoy

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Eating (good) filipino food beyond big cities in Italy is not that easy. In Milan and Rome for example there are only 5-6 filipino restaurants. But in a small city such as Padua we discovered Kusinang Pianoy, a great place to taste filipino cuisine: unbelievable!


“The Hummus Wars” – Eating in Palestine

Hummus Palestine Israeli Food

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Hummus is the main topic of many food debates in the Middle East, and almost every family seems to have its own favourite preparation. But hummus is not only a matter of familiar taste, in history it involves national proud and political tensions.