Where to sleep in Skopje, Macedonia: Hi Hostel Skopje

Where To Sleep Skopje Macedonia

probably the best accomodation for backpackers in Skopje

Atmosphere is everything. All travelers can think of places that felt uncomfortable or uneasy just for some strange vibes in the air. You feel it at first sight, if the atmosphere will make you feel at home, relaxed and safe or not. Some times for me is just a matter of light and space. I can remember some dark and humid hostels I’ve been, not the best places to have a good time and socialize with other travelers. Looking for a place where to sleep in Skopje? Hi Hostel Skopje is the answer.


Lunchbox: Mumbai’s dabbawallas, India

Lunchbox Movie Dabbawalla India Mumbai

india * food delivery * comedy * dabba * illiteracy

Lunchbox is supposed to be a romantic comedy, but we think that is much more about love and laughs. It’s a meticolous and bright movie which can be enjoyed with the purpose to know more about a country and one of its more disputable cities. The Lunchbox is about the dabbawalla phenomenon in Mumbai, India.


Filipino food in Padua, Italy: Kusinang Pinoy

Filipino Food Padua Kusinang Pinoy

asian food * boodle fight * philippines * filipino recipe

Eating (good) filipino food beyond big cities in Italy is not that easy. In Milan and Rome for example there are only 5-6 filipino restaurants. But in a small city such as Padua we discovered Kusinang Pianoy, a great place to taste filipino cuisine: unbelievable!